Sunday, April 29, 2012

In the meantime...

In the meantime, since my last post, our son Ben married his sweetheart Callie.  It was a delightful, unique wedding just like they are.  The invitations gave the first clue that this was not a traditional wedding.
Open the envelope and you have a cloth pocket

pull the invitation out of the cloth pocket and you see the announcement of a "picnic wedding"

and finally you have a traditional form of wedding invitation.

They chose to be married at a family property on the Guadalupe River.  To get to the wedding site guests walked through the fields down to the water's edge (Pardon my cell phone photo!)

where chairs had been set up for the guests (about 150 guests!) and children.

The wedding was at dusk so the lighting is not great.  But you can see what a great site it was for their wedding.  We adore Callie and could not be happier for Ben--who is himself very happy!  What a great event.

The beginning of a happy story!


Linda Starr said...

What a super wedding, congrats to your son and his new bride. Gary and I got married in our back yard at our mountain home in the Sierra Nevada foothills in California and we loved the natural feel of the day

Hannah said...

Oh how beautiful, looks just lovely. Congratulations to all concerned.

cookingwithgas said...

beautiful! I wish many happy years to them.

Judy Shreve said...

Oh Gay - what a joyous day. I love the invitations, and the setting, and her dress & shoes - all perfect for a 'picnic wedding.'
Hope you are doing well!