Monday, July 31, 2006

The eyes have it...

This week-end was busy and I had no time to be in the studio. Yet it was full of good pottery experiences! I spent some time looking at, feeling, and analyzing the test tiles from Diana Pancioli. These are her tests of cone 6 reduction glazes. There are 22 tiles, each measures about 2X2.5, the glazed part is 2X2 below which is a code for identifying the glaze. She also sent the recipes for the 22 glazes with notes on application and results on different clays.

The other interesting experience
was making colored labels for my
glaze materials containers. This was stimulated by a suggestion of Hank Murrow in Clayart. He suggested
making labels with colors to represent the percentage of fluxes, the stiffeners and the glass formers in each of the materials. It was such an eye opener—I guess I am a visual learner because I have read and studied the composition of these materials but never ‘understood’ it till now. The greens represent the fluxes, the blues represent the stiffeners, the yellow represents the silica.

The downer was loosing my purse on Saturday. I don’t know if I left it somewhere or if someone got into my car and took it—though I am quite certain that I had locked the car. I had my car key and wallet with me. But in the purse were my cell phone, check book, another key chain with car key to the Cressida and to the house, a collection of credit cards I don’t use and who knows what all else! I am still hoping to find it somewhere…


Alisa Clausen said...

Hej Gay,
Lots of good stuff here, I like the paper clay pots, funny. I think Hanks suggestion is great, a great teacher. You know it is Silica, not Silicon, that we can use for something else!!! I am sorry that you lost your purse. Horrible, I have had mine stolen twice. Yuck. Poor baby Racoon. Well, now I gotto to get to the errands here. Looking forward to my glaze bins at home being marked up with my new markers!!

Take care, Alisa

Anonymous said...

Just found your site and was delighted. Am also a retired person taking up pottery and have just finished putting together my pottery studio. Am currently working on throwing enough pots to fill my first firing!! I am trying to education myself along with several potter ladies on the ins and outs of small task!!! Most unpredictable but fun. We are a group of five women who started taking lessons around 4 years ago (we call ourselves The Claydies.....somehow it seemed funnier when we first thought of the name!!! We do have fun and we all share the addiction of clay! Looking forward to your next blog! Have fun potting! D

ruby serben said...

Hello Sister Creek!!

Just happened upon your site as I look for Diana's website for the glaze forward project. Do you happen to have any info? I would love to be a part of this!!!


Sister Creek Potter said...

Ruby, You did not leave an address for a reply. In case you check back here: Diana Pancioli's address: (dianamp at COMCAST.NET)
is the address I found at Clayart for Diana's Glaze It Forward project.