Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my wonderful new kitchen

I've been holding off posting pictures of the kitchen--the special part of the new kitchen--till my pottery friends could see it live. They were here last night so here we go.

Besides the new cabinets and applicances--which we've known we must replace since we bought this house 4 years ago--the most exciting part is the 'backsplash' behind the range. My teacher, Diana Kersey, does wonderful architectural ceramic work. She has had contracts with the city to install her work on bridges here in San Antonio (see some of her work here.)
Welcome to my kitchen:

It is so hard to show the 3D effect.

And there is a bit of it over the sink.

In the photos the cabinets and counter tops look white but they are a pale yellow and the walls an old gold--perfect backdrop for the wonderful sunflowers Diana built.

My kitchen is now the happiest place to be in our home!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the function of bookcases

We had the ceiling and one wall in the library painted. The painter came on Monday, said he could do the work that day. He had to patch and paint the ceiling and one wall. He finished on Tuesday at 4 pm. We are expecting friends over at 6:30! To get to the wall we needed to empty 2 bookcases so we could move them away from the wall.

We quickly stacked the books on the dining table.
On the buffet.
AND on the sofa.
Can you believe that those books all fit on the 2 bookcases? And if so, where did all those other books come from? And Jim wants to paint behind the white bookcases--where do we empty those shelves to?

Tomorrow pictures of the new kitchen!