Tuesday, October 18, 2011

the function of bookcases

We had the ceiling and one wall in the library painted. The painter came on Monday, said he could do the work that day. He had to patch and paint the ceiling and one wall. He finished on Tuesday at 4 pm. We are expecting friends over at 6:30! To get to the wall we needed to empty 2 bookcases so we could move them away from the wall.

We quickly stacked the books on the dining table.
On the buffet.
AND on the sofa.
Can you believe that those books all fit on the 2 bookcases? And if so, where did all those other books come from? And Jim wants to paint behind the white bookcases--where do we empty those shelves to?

Tomorrow pictures of the new kitchen!


Tracey Broome said...

So nice to see a house full of books! When I was doing design work, I did some residential homes and was always so surprised to find there were no books in the house. And so many would comment that they didn't like to read. I couldn't even imagine it! Our house when I was growing up was filled with books,my house now is filled with books, and Wesley has books all over her dorm room. It's just not fun owning them when it comes to moving them around :)

Sister Creek Potter said...

Yes, Tracey, we bibliophiles are a special sort of crazy! Really the library is only the tip of the iceberg! All my boys have the same addiction. We are all, each, trying firgure out where to get and where to put more bookcases! I love my kindle but it is not the solution--on it I only get the throw-away give-away books that I'd not want to keep on bookshelves anyway!

Judy Shreve said...

Love those shelves filled with books! I agree that the e-reader is not the solution. I couldn't imagine a house not filled with books.

Peter (http://opopots.blogspot.com/) was just discussing on his blog about how we are losing the ability to sit still long enough to read. We are now getting used to receiving all of our info in quick bytes from the computer. I think that's alarming!

It would be so sad to me if all the brick & mortar bookstores go away.

But it's not fun to move all of those books around! Lots of work!