Tuesday, September 27, 2011

the new kitchen

It is all finished now except for the back splash--which will be very special--so there will be one more round of kitchen pictures!

After the counters were installed the kitchen had such an ethereal look--I loved it! But then I moved all my 'stuff' in and added handles to the cabinets and lost the ethereal look.

The shuttered area is a pass-through to the dining room. Door on the far right is a walk in pantry.

The colors don't show up very well. The cabinets are a very pale yellow--almost a parchment color. The walls are an old gold. The counters are almost exactly the same color as the cabinets--hard to believe they are so close. Counters are made of an acrylic material a little over an inch thick. It feels great to run your hand over the counters.

As you can see from comparing the before pictures to these we have not changed the layout of the kitchen. We did gut the whole kitchen--except the floors--so considered ways to make major changes. But in the end, we could not find a way to make major improvements. The refrigerator is too far from the sink and I really wanted to correct that but there just was not a satisfactory alternative. Taking out the wall oven opened up the look and feel of the kitchen a lot. The range has a double oven: small one on top and larger (turkey) oven below. I've only used the top oven so far and am really happy with it. I love having a gas range top.

The next pictures will be the back splash! Till then, off to the studio.


Tracey Broome said...

What a great fresh new look! I would love a way to keep all of my kitchen stuff off of the counters, but there is no way I'm putting it all away and pulling it out every time I need something. I just leave it all out there, cluttered as it is. Nice to see you blogging!!! I lived in a house when Wes was first born that wanted a pass through like yours so bad. If we had stayed there much longer I would have added one,like your shutters :)

Sister Creek Potter said...

I did not mention ll the great 'innards' I splurged for in the cabinets: shelves that slide out like drawers, speciality items like the lift up stand that holds the Kitchen Aid mix-master, and a fancy cabinet to hold and slide out all the pots, pans and lids (not all but most). Several of the drawers are two layers which doubles the drawer space. It all helps keep small appliances at hand but off the counter tops. I use the Cuisenart enough to want it out permanently and we have to have toaster and microwave out all the time for Jim! Wish I could keep it all cleared off--but can't do!

Judy Shreve said...

Gay - your new kitchen looks fabulous - I love the monochromatic colors - it's restful and clean. Reading your comment - our last house had those pull out cabinets - what a dream! I'm a minimalist and Bob's a clutter-guy - - we're constantly re-arranging the countertops - lol

cookingwithgas said...

Oh that is fabulous and you should get great pleasure from using it- all the bells and whistles are worth it.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Yes, it is really lovely! Making all those choices was very anxiety producing! So I am doubly pleased with the result.
Judy, I am you and Bob rolled into one--can't seem to decide if I want it all at hand ready to serve or if I want the spare, Zen look! My studio is a mess with everything at hand--if not, then it is somewhere I can't remember or find! Right now I'm working double time trying to keep things put away. We'll see what happens in the next 6 months or so!