Thursday, September 03, 2009

just a test

I made some dogwood flower drawer pulls. Originally, I thought of them to replace what is in the kitchen. Then I realized that my bathroom has the same drawer pulls as the ones in the kitchen and would make a great place to test the pulls--not sure how Jim is going to like them in the kitchen. So I made some have put them up in the bathroom so I can test to see if they are going to hold--they are--and to see if I am going to like them--I do. Now the test is to see if Jim likes them--so far he seems not to have noticed--or is he just playing dumb?

I do see some adjustments I might make to the ones I might make for the kitchen. Mostly I'm not too happy with the long stems. We'll see.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

a strange thing happened

Yesterday I pulled a handle on a small sauce bowl. I thought it was one of the best I've done--I'm still trying to accomplish this basic task! I covered it, loosely with a soft cloth and then with laundry-bag plastic to ensure slow drying. This morning when I uncovered the pot I found that the handle had broken in two. Not at one of the attachment points--they were in good shape--but about three-quarters of the way down the handle. The upper portion looked like it had sprung up away from the lower section. Wish I had taken a photo before I cut the two pieces off the the still leather hard pot. This is an approximate positioning of the two pieces but in reality the upper part had more of an upward spring.

The line I drew on the table is an outline of the side of the bowl. You get a sense of the 'spring' of the upper portion.
The break is slightly ragged but you could match the pieces for a perfect repair--but not while attached to the pot! The pot is still moist enough to attach a new handle....which I will now do!