Thursday, September 03, 2009

just a test

I made some dogwood flower drawer pulls. Originally, I thought of them to replace what is in the kitchen. Then I realized that my bathroom has the same drawer pulls as the ones in the kitchen and would make a great place to test the pulls--not sure how Jim is going to like them in the kitchen. So I made some have put them up in the bathroom so I can test to see if they are going to hold--they are--and to see if I am going to like them--I do. Now the test is to see if Jim likes them--so far he seems not to have noticed--or is he just playing dumb?

I do see some adjustments I might make to the ones I might make for the kitchen. Mostly I'm not too happy with the long stems. We'll see.


Judy Shreve said...

Those look great!! Did you figure out NetworkedBlogs? I'm going out of town & won't be back until Tues/Wed - but after that I can help you figure it out.

Dirt-Kicker Pottery said...

Those are so cute. How did you get them to attach to the hardware? I'd love to make some of those.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I cut them out with a cookie cutter. The added the short posts on the back--the same size as on the back of the existing posts but I think they are too long. I pushed a dowel into the posts to create the hole. When I was ready to mount them I put a small wad of ceramic clay epoxy (like play-dough) that dries hard into the holes. Then I just screwed the screws into the soft epoxy. They seem to be well attached now that they have dried.

Linda Starr said...

Gay, those look wonderful. They don't seem long to me, but in person may be a different thing. Don't you have to have a little space in order to get your fingers behind them to open the door? Congratulations on getting them done and figuring out how to attach them.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks. We don't know yet how they will hold up to wear 'n tear nor how well they can be removed. Much to learn--test,test,test!

Rob Anderson said...

You have done fantastic handles.
my interest is triple fold. firstly i was a kitchen and cupboard designer for close on to 20 years and it was difficult to find good ones.
secondly on my local flea market i had a fellow trader/vendor that had a nice sized business doing just handles. she was very busy. i even got her some orders.
finally i teach crafters how to grow their businesses, but it looks like you are well set and extremely competent.
great stuff. i really love it. i am going to look at all you other stuff.
Rob Anderson

Sister Creek Potter said...

Rob, thanks for the kind words. Great way to start the day!

Annie Singletary said...

I was having some issues with Kate the Younger clear and typed a search in and found your blog. love your pulls and how you have found clay. Excited to follow your blog.
i'm over @
come visit.

by the way do you use kate the younger clear often or was that just a test?