Thursday, December 14, 2006

on vacation

I just have not done much with clay. It feels like I am on vacation. I am slowly getting ready to doing a bisque firing. But I keep thinking of one more thing I want to put into the kiln. I have just remembered that Ben asked me to make an incense dish for him and I’d like to get it into this firing.

Diana’s little ‘sugar’ bowl sits on the counter. I can’t put it away because I take such joy in looking at it as I pass by. I have thought that I would like to ask her to make a little cream pitcher to match. Then I thought I should make the cream pitcher to match! So I may give it a try! Of course, I won’t have the same clay or glaze or sprig mold—but it would be interesting to see what I might come up with!

I called SACC to see if I am enrolled in Diana’s class next semester and was delighted to see that I am in it!

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