Monday, March 03, 2008

a leap-year-day baby

My new grandson, Jack, was born smack in the middle of February 29! So for 3 years out of every 4 he will celebrate his birthday with his dad on the 28th. Just think, he could graduate from college when he is just 5 1/2 years old. But I guess he would have to forfeit all those between-leap-years birthday parties!

Oh, and BTW, I did work in the studio over the weekend and have it pretty much ready to start back to work there. I need to call for help to replace the elements before I can fire--But I am eager to get back at the wheel and it is ready to go! I am not ready to post a video tour of our studio--Have you seen Ron's tour?--but may put up some snap shots soon.


chaetoons said...

Thanks for the chuckle at the comment of being 5-and-1/2 years old when grandson Jack graduates from college !!!
Have a great day

doug fitch said...

Many congratulations to you and yours

Ron said...

Congratulations! I am glad to hear things in the studio are coming along too. Look forward to some pictures. All the best, Ron

potterboy said...

And? Any pots thrown yet?

Margaret Brampton said...

Your studio looks like a good place for working. It looks really light and spacious. I had my garage converted to a studio less than 18 months ago and now I am fully in the swing and enjoying it very much. I hope you get to enjoy some good times there.