Monday, August 31, 2009

friends and mentors...via web

It is so amazing the relationships that are developed via the web--primarily, in my case, through our blogs. I have friends I feel very close to that I have never met--may never meet face-to-face--yet they are closer to me than friends I see frequently. Part of it is the shared passion--clay--but it is so much more. My blogging buddies are the ones who encourage me when I am discouraged and who celebrate my successes. They are also the ones who mentor me--though they may never know that. The comments section of this blog has so many examples of support through dry times. It is amazing how significant that support is to my work.

Not so easy to see is the mentoring I receive. In several instances, blogging friends have read of my struggle with some problem and sent me solutions--glazes or techniques that might solve the current impasse. In other cases, something someone wrote about or showed in photos inspired some activity in my own studio. Thinking about this so many instances came to mind--too many to mention in this post. Maybe I need to write a series of posts on my blogging mentors. Today, just one--who does not even know me or my blog! June Perry recently described and photographed her "command Center". I liked that idea so much that I set up my own version:

My "command center" is on the side of a rolling cart. When I'm not throwing, it is rolled up close to the wheel--out of the way. When I am throwing, it moves to an easily accessible position.

I have long felt myself to be in June's debt for her incredible study of ^6 glazes. I've tested several and one is my favorite glaze that I use over and over again. That site is a gold mine of information on glazes.

June has also inspired me to join in the search for the perfect pizza dough. I have not actually begun the search but every time I read about her pizza supper I am encouraged again to start the search!

Thank you dear friends and mentors!


Linda Starr said...

Hi Gay, I saw the commend center on June's blog but didn't realize it was on wheels, what I good idea. I learn something every day too thanks.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Linda, I don't think June's is on wheels. That was the only place I could see to hang all my 'stuff'. After the fact, I discovered how handy it is to be able to pull it close or push it away. I just did it a week or so ago so I am still testing to see how it will work for me--but so far I really like it.

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Gay - That is a great idea. I have my "command center" in a stationery cubby above a wheel. Since I now use two wheels, your mobile center would be more efficient. Sometime, though, I think it's a good idea for me to get up and move around - even when (or especially when) I don't want to!