Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Kenny has been sitting (in his wheelchair) by the front door for a couple hours waiting to serve little visitors their treats--but so far no callers. I just spoke with my daughter-in-law who lives just a couple blocks away to see if they have had any callers yet. She said they had just turned on the lights. So we were a bit early over here! I thought perhaps with all the scary stories these days that perhaps the trickers would come around earlier. Do hope we get come trickers--Kenny will be so disappointed if he has sat by the door all evening with no callers AND then we will have all that candy left over that I am sure to get into!

Besides waiting for the trickers, I am waiting for the kiln to get cool enough to open and empty. This is the second glaze firing in a little over a week. Our guild has its annual sale/show November 8 and I foolishly thought I'd have some work by then--but it has been a big push to try to get some things to offer. What I learn from this last minute push is that it is NOT the way to work with pottery-making. I need to have lots of experience behind me to crank out work on such short notice. I need to do lots of exploring and experimenting in a more leisurely fashion. There are so many 'tests' I want and need to do. I have one week to get another bisque and glaze firing done. I have greenware drying out right now. Just a bit disappointed that I am not able to do some more interesting work. Guess that comes later--I hope it does come later!

Well, I hope you are having a nice evening with family and friends. Boooo.

2 comments: said...

Last night was the first night in 16 years we didn't go trick or treating. sort of sad, but Wesley's band played at a fundraiser for the Artscenter so we were there. I have been doing a lot of testing and exploring this past few months too, and have just accepted the fact that I have to go slowly and do it right rather than rush oust some work I don't really like. I think slower is better in every aspect of pottery making, something I have had a hard time getting to! Hope you had a good kiln firing and some kids visiting.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Tracey, I know how wonderful it feels to sit in audience and watch your own child preform--nothing like it. And how wonderful for Wesley to have supportive parents who share her enthusiasms!.
We did NOT have any treaters last night--so disappointing for Kenny who sat patiently by the doo for 2 1/2 or 3 hours! We had made the house as inviting as possible: ceramic pumpkins with candles, a happy halloween sign and (best of all) a great painting by Kenny! But we may have been the only house that was so welcoming! It is an older neighborhood.
The firing was disappointing, too, but I'll save that for the next post!