Monday, March 22, 2010

home again, home again

Always great to be home again--but that does not diminish what a treasure the trip was. As I look through my photos I get to be in touch again what a wonderful experience it all was. And it brings me to realize how impossible it will be to describe the experience.

The trip was initiated by my sister (right) and hosted by her daughter, Emily (left). It would not have happened or been the incredible experience it was without their generosity. Each morning Emily came to our room with croissants and delicious coffee! Not so indulgent but most significant to the success of our brief stay was her role as guide and itinerary planner!
Each of our 14 day trip offered some very special treat. Our very first day, still in Boston, we visited the Pucker Gallery. Bernie Pucker, owner of the gallery, is a major promoter of ceramic art. He first promoted the work of Brother Thomas and has expanded to display and offer for sale work by many of my favorite potters: Phil Rogers, Randy Johnston, the Hamada potters, Ken Matsuzaki, Tatsuzo Shimaoka, among many others. The current show is The Ceramics of Onda--Japanese folk pottery. The exciting thing about the Pucker Gallery is their four floors of works by the artists they represent which they graciously and generously take their visitors through. We were ushered through all 4 floors and allowed to handle any of the work and take photos of any of the work. It was a fantastic experience that I have long wished for.


Ron said...

Hi Gay. Glad you are home safe and sound. I hope you'll tell more about your trip in the near future. I'd love to go to Pucker. I get their catalogues and always drool over the fabulous pots.

Linda Starr said...

Welcome home, now that was an amazing start to your trip visiting the Pucker Gallery, holding all that wonderful pottery, looking forward to hearing more about the trip. so great to see your sister and her daughter.

Judy Shreve said...

Welcome home Gay -- can't wait to hear more of your travels. What a treat to go through Pucker Gallery!