Friday, August 20, 2010

finally in the studio, then what

Seems that when I've been out of the studio for a while it is hard to get back in the groove. Usually I can't even come up with a project/plan. So just start throwing to warm up. I prepared 4 balls of clay and threw 4 small bowls--good warm up. But then what? Three of them were the same size/shape, really! The fourth a tiny bit larger. So, having just seen a video of this, I pinched the three together and added a handle--another version of condiment server.

The fourth just got a handle to match.
They are small, that is a 7 inch ruler.
I am reminded of something I read in the comments section of Michael Kline's blog today:
Norm Schulman changed my life in one sentence, "So much pottery, so little poetry."
Sometimes I make a piece that speaks to me like poetry--but that is few and far between! Thinking about poetry in pottery, I feel that way about my pagoda and Tracey's barns. Yet what I make is functional table ware. Can't think of a piece of my functional work that said poetry to me--well maybe a piece or two. : )


Tracey Broome said...

Thanks for the comment. I have a post in mind about feelings with pottery. Poetry in pottery is a nice thought!

Linda Starr said...

Gay, your condiment tray is poetry to me, and your tagines, I love them.

Judy Shreve said...

These look great! Can't tell you've been away from your studio at all!
And I don't think many of us fall in love and hear birds sing when we look at our work! HA -- why do we always see the flaws first?

Ron said...

These are cool Gay. Love the twist handles and the rims. I've never been one for poetry, maybe it's because it's all distilled down and I just can't get it. Hum, or I'm not reading it correctly. My pots don't seem very poetic.