Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas came early

Oh, my gosh! Santa (in the form of 2 very dear friends) really did it up BIG this year.
One of my favorite blogging friends had me on her 'generosity' list--and she went overboard in the generosity department:
Isn't it the most wonderful piece? It sits on the window sill in our kitchen so that each time I'm washing dishes I see it, smile, think of Tracey and find myself in a quiet, peaceful place. What a gift! It takes me back to my mother's hometown in East Texas--the place I love most in the world. Don't know that I ever saw a house like this there but it comes from there. Thanks, Tracey.

Today I got an email from another friend telling me that he had made the ceramic easel I was describing (and wishing for) at his house last Saturday. I wanted something that would hold a pot--greenware or bisqued--at an angle so I could paint a design on it comfortably--without having to stand on my head to get to it or destroy it by mishandling. A few years ago I had seen a photo, with measurements, of a ceramic easel made by Scott Creek once long ago but no longer available. I had printed out the information because I thought I might want one someday. So my dear friend Herb looked at the photos and made a version of it for me. What a friend! My husband had said he'd make it for me--but that was not going to really happen! So here is the easel holding a cylindrical pot covered with a celadon slip that I plan to paint on.

The height of the pot holder can be adjusted, as can the angle that the pot is held. How cool is that? I really have not been that good of a girl this year! But Santa sure has been nice to me.



Ron said...

Wow! Way to go. Nice piece from Tracey and that pot holder is way cool. Hope you all have a nice Christmas.

Tracey Broome said...

Hey your blog looks all fresh and new, very nice! I am so happy that all of my pieces have happy homes from the generosity chain and thanks again for the book, I am taking it with me tomorrow to the show I'm doing, it's from 12pm-8pm so I know I will need some reading materials!!

TropiClay Studio said...

Great Gifts! Would you be willing to share the plans for that pot holder?

Sister Creek Potter said...

I can't wait to get to sit down and use the new easel. It is the 'cat's meow', I think.
It was made from, but altered a bit, the design posted on Nan Hamliton's web page which you can see at:

John Bauman said...

Cool easel! I remember seeing an ad for such a device YEARS ago. What a terrific idea.

Back in the days when I did lots of feathering in a ground, I wished for a system where I could fill a bowl in a slump mold, but then move it by three cables from the ceiling (moving it like an automotive shop moves engine block, suspended by chains from the ceiling). An 18-22 inch bowl is really heavy filled with slip -- even moreso if suppored within a plaster slump mold.

Like so many ideas that are fun to dream about, it never came about. And I stopped doing all that feathering.

Nice to see your easel dreams come true. Happy new year. Now your difficult decorating chores just became easeler.