Thursday, November 01, 2007

yes, I've started

but I have not gotten very far. I am determined to sort out the Keepers from the Not-to-keep-any-longers that fill our closets and drawers. It is so hard psychologically. I am attached to ‘things’ that have NO value for me or anyone else other than that I once used/purchased/received/wanted that ‘thing’. Now it takes space, makes clutter, and collets dust. It has got to go. But first I have to wrestle with every single piece! I started yesterday in earnest and today have a serious back ache! hmmm

And I am dying to get out to the studio. But I know that it is not a one hour break kind of thing. Once I get set up, wedge clay, and get to the wheel the hours roll through my fingers without notice. It is certainly not an hour break kind of thing. Maybe the solution is to give myself one day a week to be in the studio. Maybe if I can look forward to that one day a week it will be easier to focus on the sorting and packing business the rest of the week.

It looks like the closing on the sale of this property is going to be delayed. We expected the closing to be next week--on the 8th. But we have been informed that it is unlikely to be that soon (soon? this has been going on for years!) but maybe within a couple weeks. How discouraging. We are eager to get the contractor busy replacing the roof and refinishing the floors which have to happen before we move in. But that can't happen before we close on that property. And that can't happen before we close on this property. Does that sound to you like we are going in circles? It does to me. We are not looking at doing the work that Andrew is doing on his house--I hope we are not facing that!--and we are not doing it ourselves like he is. Still it seems like a huge challenge ahead getting from here to there!

In the last few weeks I've begun enjoying a cup of green tea in the morning instead of coffee. I had tried before to like green tea--I liked the idea--but somehow could not cultivate a taste for it. Recently I found a tea shop near by and decided to give it another try. The packages of tea come with very explicit directions--the amount of tea per cup, the temperature of the water and length of time for the steeping. Well, it seems to have made all the difference. I make one cup at a time and carefully (obsessively) follow the directions and I love my green tea. I was using too much tea, too hot water, and not steeping the tea long enough. I am using handle less tea cups. I want to call them "tea bowls" because that calls to mind the Asian tea cups. But I've been corrected several times being informed that "tea bowl" is a ritual item for the tea ceremony. The "yunomi" is the Japanese word for the handle less tea cup for everyday use and the translation of that word is "tea cup". But who would know what I am talking about when I say I like using a yunomi for my morning green tea? "Tea cup" brings to my mind a lovely porcelain cup with handle and saucer!


potterboy said...

Erm... well, i'm not going to be replacing my roof! I am doing work on the floors, but it does sound like you're doing quite a lot of work. Oh, and I am slowly wimping out of doing the work myself - I am doing some but I hope to have a builder do most of it. The spirit is willing, but unfortunately, only when I'm not at the house.

But I wish you luck in your completion and doing the work. As everyone said to me, it will be worth it. I am coming around to that idea more and more as I see the way forward - but still, nothing is being done. Oh dear...

I too have been wrestling with green tea. There's a new tea shop in Cambridge and I've been trying different things. Green tea covers such a wide range of things - I have tried japanese Sencha and also a chinese Sencha, and now drink a ching lung, which is a pan-fried (dried?) sencha which is lovely and toasty and chestnutty.

Also, give the oolongs a go - a nice one with orange flowers in it can be a lovely start to the day - it's darker and a touch stronger but has a lovely colour.

There are lots of novelty things too with chunks of caramel in them - I stay clear of those but they can be quite pleasant too.

Oh... and I drink from a tea bowl!! Enough said. Every cup to me is a ritual. It's a Nic Collins chawan style bowl which cools the tea quickly so it doesn't go bitter (or at least not until the end.) Water temperature is difficult to get right though - we have water boilers that are too hot, but not boiling.


Sister Creek Potter said...

Hi, Andrew, I think you sound a bit brighter! I am glad about that. The roller coaster ride is rough.

I found a simple green tea that I enjoy a lot. Don't know if the name is one the seller created or if it really comes with the tea. But my favorite so far is "Young Hyson". I have tried some flavored teas but only enjoy them as an afternoon tea--for the morning I like the straight green tea.

Nice having a home-recovery buddy. Gay