Sunday, October 28, 2007

another busy weekend

I am really exhausted tonight. Probably not a good time to try to create a post. I spent Saturday at the Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, TX with hundreds of potters and collectors. The day was glorious and pots wonderful. I went by myself so I was free to wander as long as I liked through the 50 displays and back again and again! I saw work of potters I had not seen before. Saw some friends, too, that I enjoyed chatting with. One friend asked me what I liked best of what I had seen. I was taken back a bit. I had not thought in those terms during my morning stroll through the displays. But I decided I should have been looking more closely, more conscientiously. So I started my rounds all over again asking myself if I was fond of these pots and if so why. I did not bother asking the same question of the pots I was not fond of--maybe I should have. But it did make my rounds richer for me. I think I came home with more than I had in the past. I was not buying work. I am facing packing up and cleaning out in the immediate future so bringing more into the house that has to be packed and moved is not appealing! It might be a mistake to be bringing home ideas of work I want to try my hand at--since I should be packing my studio instead.

Today I went to Waring, TX to participate in the fall festival at the Guadalupe Crossing Market. Again, a beautiful day. There were not hundreds of people there but it did feel more personal. It seemed that most, but not all, visitors had some connection with someone at the gallery. The gallery had several of their artists there to meet customers and visitors. It had such a nice, country, down-home feeling. I enjoyed being part of the celebration and grateful to have been included. But I am mighty tired tonight!

Many friends and family ask me regularly, "Have you started packing?" Well, as of this week I will be able to respond, "Yes!" As that will be my focus for the next 2 months!

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