Monday, October 22, 2007

full steam ahead

It was a busy week. After 3 years of negotiation, the property on which we live along with other members of Jim's family has finally been approved for re-zoning--from residential to commercial. It is good news and bad news. Good because it means the sale of the 30+ acres will close shortly and we will be able to close on the house we have found to move into. It means a lot to my in-laws to be able to liquidate this property and move into a retirement home where Jim's mother will be cared for with little demand on her and allow his father a little freedom from his care-taking responsibilities. Bad news because we really did not want to give up our home which we built 28 years ago. But it feels like just good news because it has dragged on so long we are relieved to have some finality about the change. So now it is time to start packing--almost! Gotta get those two closing accomplished first!

The potters guild sale was Saturday. It was a beautiful day--though we were inside and did not really get to enjoy it. But there did not seem to be a good crowd at the show--maybe it was just too pretty a day to be indoors! I sold some pots and got to see lots of friends so it was a good day.

I had planned to close up the studio once the guild sale was over and focus on packing and moving. But, I spent some time with a potter friend yesterday looking at her glaze tests and talking about her processes for glazing and decorating. Well, I came home wanting to clean up the studio and make some of the glazes she shared with me and do some glaze over-lapping experiments--that is much more attractive to me than starting to pack. Oh, dear...
We are going to make the garage into a studio and I have to plan it out. I want to get the best advantage out of the space but am not satisfied with my plans so far. Need to think outside-the-box to get everything to fit into-the-garage! So I am off to pack? pot? plan? full steam ahead!

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