Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Well, I say I am pushing to get work made for Clay Ole but I seem to find lots of distractions! Last night I found a very pleasant distraction. I had heard that there was a used slab roller for sale--I've been longing for one but they are so expensive that it had been pushed to the back burner. Disregarding caution, I called and made an appointment to go see it. I had not even gotten into the house before the owner and I were discovering personal connections that went back 40 years! It really was quite incredible.

Leaving aside those personal connections, of great interest to me was her connection to Harding Black, the San Antonio potter who made a name for himself through his exploration of glazes. I remember hearing of the potter Harding Black when I was young but since I had no connection to clay or pottery-making at that time it had little significance for me. Over the last 4 years I've heard references to Harding Black frequently and his outstanding work with glazes. Several months ago I acquired a video of Harding working in his studio and recounting how he got into clay work and what it has meant to him.

I was amazed to learn that my hostess was instrumental in making the TV show/video in the '90s. She has several pieces of his work and wonderful stories to tell of his generosity and gentle nature. She also has several of his glaze recipes which she has offered to share with me!

Recently my niece had mentioned to me that she and her husband received a piece of Harding Black pottery as a wedding gift a few years ago! It is intriguing to me that she mentions that and then a week or so later I have this encounter with that potter's life and work. Isn't life wonderful!

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Ron said...

That's exciting Gay. I'll have to see what I can find out about Harding, I haven't heard of him. Good luck getting ready for Clay Ole. I am in full work mode here myself, but the house is calling to be worked on too. I guess I should get out to the workshop, have a great day.