Wednesday, October 03, 2007

exciting opportunity

I just learned, almost too late, that Ruthanne Tudball will be giving a demonstration and slide presentation on Sunday in Austin. I've long admired her work. She has published a book on salt/soda firing and for that she is widely known. She is American by birth and English by marriage. She got interested in clay after moving to England in the late '60s.

A blogging buddy in England speaks highly of her work, too. So when I heard about the possibility of seeing her work I jumped at the chance. Fortunately, there is still room--because it is a demo and not a hands-on workshop which is always very limited.

My interest in this event is enhanced by the focus on throwing and how she works in such a way that she does little or no trimming once the piece is off the wheel. Her work has a very fresh and relaxed look because of the way she works on the wheel and I am intrigued to learn something about that, too. I am really looking forward to this special opportunity.

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Ron said...

Oh I wish I could go! I love Ruthanne's work and have wanted to go to a workshop with her for a long time. Take lots of pictures. I am amazed by how she works, mostly finishing pots on the wheel. Her surfaces are wonderful.