Monday, January 07, 2008

thoughts while packing

I am sure I've already told you that I think this packing is for the birds--or maybe I said something stronger--well it was not strong enough! But I'll let it go at that. A friend came to help me pack today. She left saying, "Oh, poor Gay." I told her it was karma at work--I bought it/collected it so now I have to pack it!

I had some other thoughts too. I have been an enthusiastic practitioner of several crafts through my life. The first was sewing--I've made most of my clothes since I was in high school. Then after marriage I got into cooking--a necessity but for me it became a creative expression. Then I tried my hand at several arts for brief periods until I encountered clay, which became an almost overwhelming passion. In each of these endeavors I've enjoyed collecting all the paraphernalia. Sometimes I wonder if it is the equipment and tools of the trade that attract me more than the craft. Well, you see that is what I am having to deal with now. I have everything you could use in the kitchen, I have all the sewing equipment and supplies one could imagine. And I have left-over collections of pens, inks and papers from my calligraphy affair. I have more dishes that some restaurants. And the tragedy is that I don't want to give any of up. So here I am packing up all this stuff--you would not believe how many trips I've made to buy boxes! It seems to be too late to change--so I'm stuck packing, storing, finding space for it all.

I am excited about my 'new' studio. But it is only a 2 car garage and I don't think it is going to hold all of my pottery equipment, tools and materials. I'll report in after we are settled and we can see how it is all going to fit.


chaetoons said...

Hi Gay!
I know with the packing and moving and all, you're time is "busy"!!! However, am hoping when things settle down that you will come over to my site and visit.
The reason? Last night managed (a new experience for me) to post a chatroom on my blog for potters and artists. Am hoping to get some "live" discussions going amongst us about pottery, glazes, techniques and art-related subjects.
It sure would be great if you come and join in!

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks for the invitation, Chae. I look forward to checking in and participating--once the boxes are unpacked! I appreciate being included. Gay

doug fitch said...

Hi Gay
Hope all is going well. Thinking of you

Sister Creek Potter said...

Hi Doug, I am buried in boxes with unknown contents and no designated resting place!
I am afraid you did not receive the little booklet I sent you--a week or so before sending one to Andrew which he received a week or so ago.
I used the address from your web page--very long as I recall. I have another I'll send if you send me the best address!
Thanks for thinking of me! Gay