Saturday, December 29, 2007

windows for Gay

I did not realize how discouraged I had become until yesterday when I got excited about the windows going into the garage-becoming-studio. It gave me such a lift I suddenly saw how low I had fallen. This packing business is a very tedious job. In the first place it is hard work and makes a mess of our home while we are still trying to live here. And furthermore, it is discouraging to see the result of a life time of acquiring 'stuff'--mostly books. Now I have to handle each book or other 'stuff', decide if it is a keeper or not and where it is to go in either case. Too many decisions, too much physical work and too much emotional stress!

But the windows are going to be wonderful! From the outside--even from the living room--it makes the studio look like an inviting and interesting place--no longer a garage!

Pardon our mess while we are constructing!

From the inside it is even more exciting. My wheel will be sitting right in front of the window, so that I look out on the wonderful terrace while I am throwing. I can even see into the living room directly across the terrace from the studio. Today a mess, tomorrow (almost) a dream come true!

I recall seeing Japanese potters sitting where they are facing out the window--the wheel set up right next to the window. That seemed like such a luxury. What a lucky lady I am!

This is where Hamada sat to throw pots at his home studio in Mashiko.

The other potters in his studio also sat in front of a window. Keep in mind that these potters are sitting cross legged at the same level as their wheel. Oh, the aching back and legs!


potterboy said...

Great windows. Congratulations!

Your studio looks so light. I have two windows, which point east-ish, so they get early sun. Or would do, if my big shed and a tree and several hedges weren't in the way. You have white walls too - I wonder whether I should paint the boarding to make it lighter? Anyway, looking good.

My windows are too high. Or perhaps my wheel is too low. I too have seen many pictures of potters sitting at windows, mostly on sit-down kick-wheels which are quite high. I'm thinking of making a pedestal at one end of the shed so I can raise the floor level so I'm sitting at almost the level of the window sill. I doubt I will, but it would be nice.

Ron said...

Hi Gay, Those are nice windows and I know you enjoy them. Looking out on the terrace is a treat too. I look out towards our woods. Where did you find the pictures of the Hamada wheel and workshop? Those are great. I do like your new profile picture too. Take care and don't over do it with the packing.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Ron, I got to go to Mashiko in 2004 with 3 other potters. It was a great experience, as you can imagine. These are photos I took when visiting the Hamada compound. In Shigaraki, we visited a working studio and watched the young apprentices working at a very similar arrangement--even the apprentices had their wheels in front of a window. I suppose it reflects the love of nature that is ubiquitous in Japan.
I am excited and eager to get into the studio! But it will be a little while yet before it is finished and I am unpacked!

chaetoons said...

Happy New Year's Gay
Hope it is the best ever!