Monday, December 03, 2007

a bit of an oupdate

Yes, Andrew, all is well. The closings went very smoothly--finally! We have signed a 60-day lease, at no charge, on the home we currently live in while we do the major work--roof, floors and studio--before we move in. I expect that we will move mid January. Actually, 'we' are not doing the major work--we have a wonderful contractor who is doing the work for us!

We have spent a lot of time running back and forth between the two houses since the closing and I expect that we will be doing a LOT of that for the next month or two. When I'm not there I am trying to think through what needs to be done, what I want to do, and what we can afford to do!

Clay work is suffering. I intended to load the kiln this morning--have some work I want to do before Christmas. But, instead, I have spent the morning drawing plans for the studio to give the contractor when he comes by today. I have the 'whole' garage for the studio--but am discovering that that is not a lot of room for what I need to put in there. And, since Kenny is sharing the studio with me, I have to allow some space for his easel and painting paraphernalia! He and I spent several hours yesterday working over the plans to be sure what I have imagined will work for him. He is a dear person and is so happy about the move that he agrees to anything I propose. But he does come up with questions and suggestions I have overlooked.

I have the feeling that with the demands of the move and the holidays coming up I will not get to do much clay work and probably will not feel that I have much to share on the blog. I don't know how to put the blog on hold...I hate to be absent-with-out-leave and thereby to loose the friends I've made via the blog. So I'll try to post a bit from time to time.

Thanks for asking, Andrew!


potterboy said...

Brilliant! Congratulations :)

The 60 day lease sounds good, and at least you have your contractor lined up and ready to go. I wish I'd been that organised.

It all sounds very exciting - good luck with it all and enjoy the experience. It's going to be grand. I look forward to seeing how things progress.

Thanks for the update - I'll stop worrying about it now.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Oh, Andrew, don't stop worrying about me yet. It is nice to think someone is worrying about me--besides I think there is probably still lots to worry about! At least that is how it feels.