Saturday, December 22, 2007

Merry Christmas

We've been trying for years to cut back on the commercial side of our Christmas celebrations. We have made some headway in that direction over the years, but this move, happening right in the middle of the holidays, has given our quest a real push forward. Traditionally, we gather our children, my sister and her family together on Christmas Eve for a Mexican-food dinner. This year that was out of the question. The only decorations in the house are the lovely cards from family and friends that line the mantel. One daughter-in-law, Sara, jumped in to fill the gap and had us all together at their home last night. A lovely evening with all my children and their children. We have moved from drawing names to "Chinese Gift Exchange" and finally, last night, to no gifts at all--just a wonderful celebration of the season and what a great family we are!

Today Jim and I are pushing each other to pack boxes--books mostly--since that is mostly what we own to pack! Years ago, when Ben was 5 or 6, someone broke into our home and took every electronic thing we owned. When the policeman was here taking inventory of what was stolen, Ben expressed his surprise that they had not taken any of our books--our real treasure! The policeman said to Ben, "Kid, those guys don't know how to read!"

We don't have a moving date yet--it depends on the completion of the work at the house. We are thinking we may actually move on January 11--a day after my birthday. But in the meantime we will be putting our household goods into cardboard boxes! I probably will not have much to write about in the coming days.

In the meantime, I send wishes for your joyful, peaceful, healthy and happy holidays!


doug fitch said...

Gay and Jim
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas with best wishes from England

Sister Creek Potter said...

Doug, what a nice Christmas morning message! We wish you and your family the same and that one day we'll exchange greetings face to face--here or there!
Fondly, Gay