Thursday, February 28, 2008

life with Kenny

What a great greeting to start the day, Ron, thanks! (see Ron's comment to last post) I really miss being active in the pottery-blog exchange and hate the thought of people going to my blog and finding no activity--perhaps it will change soon. Ron is such a conscientious blogger, I'm seldom disappointed when I check into his blog. Ron's current exploration of new clay, glaze, slip and firing temperature is very inspiring. It is hard for an artist who has achieved success to venture out into new realms--I think it great (and healthy) that he is doing that.

I've thought of changing from a pottery blog to "Life with Kenny" since that is the defining activity of my life right now. Not that he is demanding, but it is an adjustment having someone to look after a bit and prepare meals for and such. But more to the point, living with Kenny again after 25 or so years is an incredible experience. Of course, I've stayed in touch with him all these years but I have not been close enough to know what living his life is like. He is amazing. Everything he does, must do, is a challenge, is very hard to do physically. Yet, he does it. He has an incredible drive to be independent in spite of his dependence. And never complains. An amazing person. (See comment section February 11 for a little of Kenny's background.) I could write a whole book about him! But I won't!

Today is dedicated to putting the studio in order. We have basic order in the house--though there are still boxes to unpack but they don't dominate the scene. I hope to stay in the studio all day and to have basic order there by the end of the day. It will be a landmark day when I turn the wheel back on and slap a chunk of clay down on it and pull something up!

I belong to a small group of potters here who meet once a month to share/compare experiences around Cone 6 glazes and firings. We meet tonight and I look forward to going--I have missed the last 3 meetings--maybe 4.

So, all and all, it seems that I am getting close to getting back on track! Seems it has been a long detour. I remember when the windows went into the studio and I was excited about my new studio home--that seems a very long time ago. I had no idea then how far away that new studio really was.


potterboy said...

Funny, I came here with the same intention as Ron - to say something positive to spur you on a bit. I too come every day looking for a post. It's good to see a post, and a fairly positive one.

I'm wondering how you're getting on with your routine, or perhaps routine-busting?

Anyway - lets hope that landmark day with clay comes soon. I hope you're keeping your throwing muscles active with some exercises (lugging boxes around would probably do it.) At least you've unpacked most of your boxes - i've just seen a mouse disappearing in to one of mine! Well, at least he's someone to talk to :)

Well... I'll be checking in tomorrow - hope your meeting goes well.

Sister Creek Potter said...

It is VERY encouraging to hear from you and Ron--to know that I am not forgotten in spite of my silence.

Don't think I could deal with mice in my boxes--or house. I did have a funny experience with a mouse (or rat?) in our hotel room once in London! It was running around on the bed--got us all up in the middle of the night and since there was no one to complain to we spent the rest of the night sitting up in the foyer! Checked out as soon as there was someone at the desk!

Thanks for keeping in touch! Gay

chaetoons said...

Hang in there Gay !!!
It'll all put itself together in ship-shape order.
At times of delay, i think the Universe is trying to teach me patience and usually find myself shaking a fist at the heavens saying rather loudly: "So all right, already. I have enough patience !!!"
Am anticipating your first day back at the wheel almost as much as you are . . . .

potterboy said...

I have to admit he's quite a cute little fella - I have another in the shed and he occasionally comes out and watches me. But, as soon as I find a shop that sells humane traps, I'll bait it with chocolate - a sure way to catch a mouse - and release him a mile or so up the road.

Also I'm pretty sure he was on the bed the other night - I kicked him off.

I'm getting used to living in squallor, obviously - going to be odd when the place is finished.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I do love all this great attention! What a great bunch of friends!

I am not in the studio as I had planned to be. I am baking a cake for my son's birthday--not Kenny but his younger brother, Mike, with whom Kenny lived the past 5 years. Mike is 41 today--and expecting his second son any day now. I thought it would be nice for 'Jack' to put in his appearance today making it a very special birthday that they could celebrate together for years to come. But have not heard that there is any indication that Jack is taking up the challenge.

Thanks for the support, all. Gay