Wednesday, February 20, 2008

routine vs spontaneity

Today, as I was helping Kenny up the ramp to the (soon-to-be) studio, I experienced a wave of 'well-being'. It is the first such experience I've had in quite a while. Earlier in the day I had been thinking that I am going to have to very disciplined in my daily schedule if I am going to get to have much time in the studio--there is going to be a lot of housekeeping and caretaking required around here. But it seems to me that discipline (routine) is deadening. It seems that those sparks of well-being come when I step out of the familiar. How can I maintain a routine and still allow or promote some spontaneity in my days? These days are very irregular--being still in the setting-up-of-the-household stage. Perhaps I am moving from being overwhelmed by the move to fear of losing my self in my responsibilities. Looks like I am getting addicted to worrying and feeling overwhelmed. Gotta do something about that!

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Ron said...

Hi Gay, Hope things are going well and you are feeling somewhat less worried and overwhelmed, at times at least. Miss having your regular contributions but know you are super busy and will be back in full force once things are settled in more.
Just want you to know I check in often and that you are in my thoughts. Best,