Tuesday, April 08, 2008

studio work

as opposed to clay work.

My style of settling in here has been to set up one room at a time by moving all the boxes and furniture that do not belong there into the next vacant space. Well, I did that big time in the studio--pushing buckets, boxes of fired ware, and boxes and packing materials into the room next to the studio--Jim's workroom. So I got the studio set-up to the extent that we could move around and work in there. This weekend Jim began to tackle that space and pushed all the pottery overflow back into the studio! So much so that Kenny could not walk through HIS space with his walker! So yesterday Kenny stayed in his room setting up an area to draw in while I worked at getting the studio ordered again.

Now that I have the kiln wired and working--one bisque firing under my belt--it is time to glaze. But the glaze room is a jumble of glaze chemicals and tools. The glaze room is really just a closet with 2 doors--it is also the hallway between Jim's workroom and our studio. I am going to have a small--table-top--spray booth with strong vent and a little counter space for mixing up my glazes. Most of my glaze chemicals are stored in plastic shoe boxes and fill a tall shelf. I have a few large containers (pet food)under the counter for the chemicals I buy in bulk . It is really tight but I think it is going to work well. As I am looking for "my style" in my pottery work, I am also searching for 'my palette of glazes'. The result of those searches is that I am drawn to every style of pottery making and every kind and color of glaze--and have at hand everything I need for that search. I imagine that when I finally get there I can eliminate all the excess and focus on just what I love to do. But the truth of the matter is probably that I will always be searching and experimenting--and stuffing more stuff into our little studio--because that is what I love to do!


Ron said...

Hi Gay. Maybe your palette of glazes will be to have lots of glazes. ? It will all work itself out over time. Glad to hear you are getting ready to fire a load, it will be nice to see some images.
Have you ever heard of Father Anthony? He makes all these one of a kind pots, very simple for the most part, and sells them from the abbey.
Here's a link.

He has lots of glazes, it's pretty cool.
Have fun! Take care.

doug fitch said...

Hi Gay
Just checking in to say 'Hi'. Hope you're ok

Sister Creek Potter said...

I so very much appreciate your notes. I feel well supported by you--but also feel a bit guilty about not posting more regularly to my blog. I guess I am a little discouraged about what I have been able to get done in the studio. And hate to post 'whining' posts! I just need to adjust my expectations of what I can do to be a more realistic notion of what is possible--and that that is OK.
Thanks, guys!