Saturday, April 26, 2008

an interesting week

Monday I did a glaze firing. Nothing very exciting in it--mostly bowls for Empty Bowls--but the 'plate/bowl' that I made for Kenny turned out well. It is hard to tell that it is not a pie plate! But he used it last night and gave it a thumbs-up! So that was good.

Wednesday night our little Cone 6 group met here for the first time. It is such a nice group of people and I really enjoy getting to spend a whole evening talking about pots and glazes with fellow potters. The evening seemed much too short. I wished for more time with the group. We meet once a month and alternate meeting in the home or studio of one of the group.

Thursday Ben and I had a date to visit the ceramic collection of a friend of mine. Ben is my youngest son and the one with the most interest in ceramics--mine and the greater ceramic world at large. I had heard about my friend's wonderful collection of ceramics and had asked if Ben and I could view his collection sometime. What a collection! I think he has pieces (not just one) of every well-known potter I know anything about--and many I was not yet acquainted with. He really is serious collector and has wonderful taste in his selections. That was a real treat to see 'up close' those wonderful pots but even more special to get to pick them up and feel the weight and balance of each piece! We also got a tour of his own studio. Both Ben and I came home with beautiful pots made by our host! Wow, what a great experience.

Friday Jim was driving home from his week in Santa Fe. We knew he would be getting in late, expected to arrive around 9:30 pm, so we did not wait dinner for him but did have dinner waiting for him. At about 8:30 I got a call from Jim which began, "First, I'm OK." Well, I knew that was not the opening to a good news message! He then described the accident he had when a deer landed on the windshield of his new car while he was driving about 70 miles and hour! He was just west of Junction, about 110 miles from home, and needed a ride! I drove to Junction to pick up Jim and his paraphernalia from the trip. We got home about 1:30. He had not eaten since breakfast so a light dinner was in order before we turned in for the night a little after 2 am.

What a week!


chaetoons said...

Love your plate Gay.
The greens are lovely.

Ron said...

Wow Gay, I am glad Jim is okay. We have deer problems here in NC. Over population. I often see them in the evenings near the roadside or crossing, and I worry someday I may hit one.

Glad you had a good meeting w/ your clay group. It's so important for us to get together. I know it helps me when I can hook up with my clay pals and have a good chat. The visit to the collectors house sounds fun too.

Have a good Monday.

Hannah said...

WOW! That would be a nasty surprise, I hope he is ok.
I've been trying to find out about the easel thing but it appears that this one has just been around from time immemorial and no one knows where it came from. Utterly useless to you. I am sorry.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Yes, we are very grateful that Jim is OK and yes it was a big surprise! Though Jim said he had seen a lot of dead deer on the side of the road on his way home. His trip was about 700 miles--so there was lots of highway for the deer to be hit on. I was glad he got as close to San Antonio as he did.

Hannah, thanks for trying to find some information on the table easel. We've made a temporary set-up which is working pretty well--well enough to be a model for a better solution.