Thursday, May 08, 2008

time flies

I don't know where, exactly, but I look up and it has been quite a while since I have posted.
I guess I've been distracted. Jim is fine and the car should be ready this weekend. The insurance is paying for the repair (~8,000).
Kenny has had several falls, nothing serious--but, since it is such a challenge for 'us' to get him back up on his feet, he and I both stay anxious over the next fall. The last was at 1:30 am night before last. 'We' (the we is Kenny and me since Jim is out of town) tried our best to get him up off the floor onto the bed but could not do it. So I called EMS. The firemen were here in minutes--and always so gracious--but I hate calling for their help. This morning Kenny called from the shower where he was desperately hanging onto the grab bar trying not to slip down to the floor before I got there to grab onto him. We made it! When 'we' make it sucessfully, he usually ends up laughing (out of relief, I'm sure) and then tells me how much he loves me!
Each morning, after breakfast, we go out to the studio. That might be 9:30 or 10:00 before we get there. Then Kenny is through for the day at noon and ready for lunch. I intend to return after lunch to do some more concentrated work--but frequently don't get out there again that day. Good thing I'm not trying to make a living out of my clay work!!
This house had extensive plantings when we moved in. And, fortunately, it had a water system. Unfortunately, it is not working properly. I called for repair work but it seems it may be cheaper--and better--to put in a new system instead of trying to repair this very old system. I have been waiting for an ‘estimator’ to come see what I need and what it will cost—but he has been unavailable. In the meantime, I am spending a good deal of time watering by hand as I don't want to loose the plants that are dependent on the system. To make things worse, because of the installed sprinkler system, there are NO hose outlets anywhere near all these lush plants.

The terrace plants seen from the studio door.

The terrace plants seen from inside the living room (see my computer on the table in front of the window--no wonder I spend so much time browsing the web.)

I am NOT whinning or complaining--I am just reporting in!


doug fitch said...

I'm so glad you have reported in, it never feels like you're whinning, ever, it's always great to hear from you and I miss you when you don't!

It looks beautiful there, great to see the computer where you keep in touch with the world, I'd show a picture of mine if the place wasn't such a mess!

Sister Creek Potter said...

I'd love to change places with you--your pictures of the countryside are so appealing. I'd love to come walk with you through it! Maybe someday. Your notes are so encouraging, I thank you sincerely, Gay