Saturday, May 17, 2008

oh, my gosh

I am having a blast. Last night Ben, my youngest son, mentioned a library cataloguing program for the Apple computer: Delicious Library. Jim and I have said we would like to catalog our books so today I looked for the program on line, found it, and downloaded it. It is 'delicious'! So fancy--and so easy! You can scan in the ISBN number or type in the name and the program goes on line to download all the information about the book--all the technical data--and book reviews. It creates a record of the book with a image of the book cover on the book's icon! It lets you make a record of books you loan out--with the borrower's name from your address book and marks the book's icon with a tab, "OUT", stretched across the upper right had corner . I've spent a couple hours scanning in my pottery book collection! Maybe I am just a frustrated, wanna-be librarian, but this is too much fun!

Next week I AM going to do a bisque firing. Then I am going to get serious about glazing! I have really been out of it lately. But I AM, I AM going to get focused on my pottery work. I AM.


Sarah said...

That sounds fun to me too.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Is this Sarah Adams? Your dad would love this--but gotta have a Mac! Gay