Saturday, May 10, 2008


And he said, "I know you'll treasure it a long time."
Kenneth Zachry Karcher


doug fitch said...

Beautiful, what a treasure, that must have made for a very happy Mother's Day.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Yes, Doug he is a real sweetheart! And I WILL treasure it a long time.
I had a lovely Mother's Day--getting to be with all four of my boys today! What a gift!

doug fitch said...

Ah wonderful. I'm off away to a show for a few days so I'm going to miss my boys terribly. Kenny has really good colour sense, that painting is a beauty.

Ron said...

What a great Mother's Day gift. It is very special indeed. I'll be seeing my mom this weekend since I was away.

Anonymous said...

Tia, Kenny seems to have a way of saying things that are true and perfect. What a great painting and a lovely gift.