Thursday, August 28, 2008

a great week

I've enjoyed my mornings in the studio. Not producing rows of pots--like some of my favorite bloggers can do. My production is very modest--but now I have a kiln load ready to bisque--and that feels great! I am looking forward to doing some glaze experiments. That is new--historically I dread glazing--I hope the good feelings survive the experience.

We've spent our evenings glued to the TV watching the convention. A shameful amount of time spent in front of the TV. But I am one of the women for Obama! And don't want to miss a single moment of the excitement.

Tomorrow Jim and I will drive to Houston to attend a reception for Warren Mackenzie who is having a exhibition of his work there. On Saturday he will give a talk which I look forward to hearing. I am very fond of his work and really look forward to seeing some of it in person. It will also be a first outing for Jim and me since our move here in January.

It seems like life is settling into a nice pattern, finally!


Ron said...

Good to hear you have some pots almost ready to glaze.
That is an amazing show of Warren's. It totally blew me away. It's great that you will get to go to the reception. Hopefully it won't be so crowded that you will not be able to really get to see the pots. When I went to Rochester, MN to see the show it was just a few weeks before the closing . I was there about 3 hours with only 2 or 3 other folks in the room. It's very inspiring.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Well, maybe I need to find an unpopular time to visit the exhibit Saturday--if that is possible. Based on your comment I'll look for such an opportunity. Thanks for the 'heads-up'! Gay

Judy Shreve said...

Gay I've been watching lots of tv this week too. It just seems to be an important moment in history this convention. I'm excited to hear about Warren MacKenzie's show. He & his wife who works with fabric are having a show at the Signature Gallery in Atlanta. I am taking a 2-day demo workshop with him when he is here for his show. I can't wait!

Sister Creek Potter said...

Judy, I'd love to be able to take a workshop with him. I almost traveled a LONG way to attend one--but something got in the way! Randy Johnston is coming to Houston to do a 2 day demo workshop in October which I do plan to attend and am looking forward to. I look forward to reading about your workshop in Atlanta--take good notes and maybe a photo or two to share. Gay

Judy Shreve said...

Randy Johnston is another great -- I'll certainly report back after the show/workshop. And I'll try and get some pictures to post too. You do the same with Randy. Aren't we all so fortunate to have these guys do workshops & share their experiences in clay! This summer I took a week long workshop with Val Cushing -- wow - what a treat that was. He's seen a lot of pots & taught some great potters over the years. I hardly made any work myself that week for constantly watching & listening to him. It was great.

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Gay
No new news on my blog yet, am working hard to set up a "studio" in the new house.
But !!!
Like you, i've have been glued to the TV watching the Dem convention. Didn't want to miss even one word of it.
The finale in the Denver stadium was awesome, wasn't it? And i was so impressed by Bill Clinton's speech the night before! Easily one of the best heard in many a year.

Lee Love said...

Hi Gay,

Your post from yesterday came up on my daily google search I have emailed to me. The search I have on MacKenzie's name usually turns up Ebay sales of his work. Sometimes newspaper articles.

I am glad I saw it because I just got back to Minneapolis and was going to call Warren to drop by for a visit today. I'll wait until next week.

I watched Obama speak last night. I was a bit depressed, I think partly from Jet Lag, but also because of finding out dogs are now banned at Northern Clay Center where I have a studio. I wanted to spend most my working hours there, but I can't throw without my dog by the wheel.

Obama's speech snapped me out of it! I never imagined, 45 years ago, that Dr. King's dream might come true in my lifetime.

Have a good time at the workshop! Have him show you how to make his saltshakers if you don't already make them.


Sister Creek Potter said...

Hi, Lee, nice to make contact again. I've watched your move back to the states. For me, that is a bit sad because I am so fond of Japan and would love to get to spend more time there. But you've been there and done that so welcome home! Gay

Lee Love said...

Thanks Gay! Oops, I think I saw that you will miss the MacKenzie workshop. Randy's workshop should be excellent. He is married to one of my favorite "Minnesota" potters. ;^) Haha! Many of My favorite "Minnesota" potters live in Wisconsin.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I met Warren tonight--what a charming, open, lovely person! We had a lovely chat. Tomorrow we will attend a lecture he will give here is Houston. Then I'll come back for the Randy Johnston workshop next month. Gosh the work is wonderful. I have the catalog already and paged through it over and over again--but seeing the work in person is so much better!

Jamie Y said...

Gay -

Love catching up on your blog.

Since we can't talk politics in our other forum, I just wanted to say how much I agree with what you (and others) have written here. This just feels like SUCH an important election.

Love your new bookshelves, too. Many years ago, I made a similar "door" dining table for a client. Turned out great, they had an old glass marble collection, and they put the marbles in those recessed sections of the door, then a glass top over everything. It was gorgeous.

Your table and library look so cozy, I could definitely curl up with a book and a cup of tea in there.

Jamie in Vegas

Lee Love said...

Hey Jamie,

I created non-moderate all topics allowed Claycraft as a place where the politics and spiritual aspects of craft can be discussed. You can sign on here:

It is very friendly and spam free.

Lee in Minneapolis

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks Jamie, I'd love to have you drop in for a cup of tea in the library--what at treat that would be!