Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hello everybody, somebody?

Can't imagine that there will be many readers of this blog after such a long absence. I have been busy, busy, busy!
Tying up loose ends: I completed the Majolica class and did get one satisfactory piece--Jim calls it my $300 batter bowl!

But it is on the home front that I have been so busy, busy, busy.
A week ago last Monday we had the new window installed in the library.

When we were shown this house last fall the realtor called this room the 'living room' and the adjoining room was called the 'family room'. We immediately recognized the 'living room' as our future 'library'.
On Wednesday of last week, Jim picked up the last of the bookcases we had made in Austin. Ben had already brought part of the bookcase order here along with the metal base we had made there for the library table--we have a SMALL truck so it took 2 trips. And then anchored the bookcases so there would be no threat of their falling over.

On Sunday Jim and Ben assembled the library table. The table top is a door that was on my grandfather's house in East Texas--it is over a hundred years old--I remember the awe I felt toward the door as a child. When we built our home in 1979 Jim and I drove to East Texas to pick up the door--no longer in use--and had it installed in our new home. Because the door would not fit this house we decided to make it into the library table with a metal base and a glass top.

The base weighs over 300 pounds and the door about that also--it measures 42" X 91" X 2.74." Don't know what the glass will add in weight!

Finally this Monday I could empty those boxes stacked in the library these last 8 months--at least 2 dozen boxes! Sorting the books in categories and alphabetizing them was a huge chore--taking 2 days. These are the new bookcases:

These are the old bookcases which were in our former home and we are reusing:

Jim wishes to have all the bookcases match--but I'm happy with what we finally have! Besides they are on different wall constructions so I think they look 'just right'!

Busy couple of weeks. Now I hope to get back into the studio for some real work....


potterboy said...

Some of us are still here!

That library looks great. I have a much smaller room that will become my office/library - I might install some bookcases like that - I must have nearly as many books. But other things need completing first... at least the builders have come back again.

Judy Shreve said...

Gay -- You have been busy. I always think of myself as a part-time potter because life can take you in so many different directions -- I try and work in my studio 3/5 days a week.
Your majolica bowl is beautiful. I toyed around with ^6 majolica. I didn't want to work with earthenware. Ron & John's MC6 glazes has a good ^6 majolica recipe.
I'm not so painterly - so I've gone back to just using ^6 glazes & the neverending quest for the perfect palette.
Your library is wonderful -- that door gorgeous!

Ron said...

Hello, hello! Glad to see you back. The library looks amazing. Beautiful shelves and table. I know you're glad to have all the books out of the boxes. I'll be checking in again. I like the batter bowl. You'll have to make Jim so $300 pancakes. See ya.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Well, I feel honored that you are still stopping by but also embarrassed to know that you are still stopping by only to find no new entry. Hope to do better from here on out! Thanks, guys and gal!

Deborah Woods said...

Hi Gay, welcome back-I am envious of your bookcases. I have given away almost all of my books because I have never had any place to put them. Someday I will live in a house with closets, wallspace and shelves.

Patricia Griffin said...

I've got a few of those $300 bowls too! Treasures, they are for sure! Yours looks great! And I'm sure the first of many!... Your library looks like a wonderful place to hang out.

Sister Creek Potter said...

I an amazed and SO grateful that you all have stuck with me though this dry period! Thanks bunches!

chaetoons said...

I'm here too !!!

Sister Creek Potter said...

Chae, it seems we are distracted by a common persuit--nesting. Though I've been at it much too long. Good luck with your own nesting.