Sunday, July 27, 2008

a bit of brush work

These are my little 'sushi' plates made in the Majolica class. Not what I had in mind--is it ever? But I am happy that I got a good coat of glaze--no crawling. I should give up trying to paint pictures!

I am feeling a bit frustrated at not getting much time in the studio. I am going to try to get out to the studio first thing in the morning--before tea and blog readings--while Kenny is showering and dressing. I've been pacing myself wait to have breakfast with him and then go with him to the studio. But lately that has been getting later and later--10:00 or 10:30. I could probably get 2 hours work done before he is ready for breakfast and then another couple hours with him after breakfast. I probably will not be too happy to break for breakfast mid-way through my work session--but I bet I can adjust to that! Jim will be out of town for the next 2 weeks so this should be a good time to try to create a new schedule for myself.


doug fitch said...

Gay, I really like these pieces, there's very fine use of the black line on them - just right, well done.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Doug, thanks for your comment. I am working on more of these Majolica pieces and trying to find my way with them. I, too, have seen that the black line is really important. Now I am worrying about the ackground color. You'll soon see what I am doing with that challenge. Good luck at the upcoming show! Wish I could surprise you with a drop-in visit!

potterboy said...

I like them too. The drawing isn't bad at all - I think you should persevere with it.

Good luck with the studio thing (or rather, how did it go?) I quite like the 'two hours before breakfast' thing - not that I do it often.

chaetoons said...

Why in the world would you even think about giving up drawing??? The sushi plates are lovely and the drawings makes them special !!!
Well done!

brandon phillips said...

my brushwork is pretty crappy sometimes but i just stick with it knowing someday it'll get better.

one of the greatest tidbits i've ever recieved was from my college sculpture professor who said that "in art the essence of something is almost always more powerful than an actual representation of that something." brancusi's "bird in space" was always his prime example. take from that what you will if it even makes sense. its late.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Thanks for the thought...sounds a bit like Plato's ideal form--if I have his terminology right.
I am enjoying your blog--you work is great.