Saturday, July 19, 2008

being at home

That is how it feels now in my (our) studio. All set up, comfy and all systems working. So now it is up to me to get working! I may have mentioned that I am taking a class at the Southwest School of Art and Craft--a night class working on Majolica. It is funny that I am in that class--I don't like night classes and I took a Majolica class some time back and was not inclined to follow up on it. But here I am again and I am enjoying the challenges. Night is an easier time for me to be away from home, but harder to have the energy and enthusiasm to get up and out after a long day. So far I have not produced much to be excited about.

I have several pieces waiting to be fired and several here waiting to be painted. I keep intending to do simple designs but in the ones now waiting to be fired I got carried away painting more detailed designs--flowers especially. I am still trying to find what works for me. Not sure how thick the paints should be, or the wash, or the glaze for that matter. As you see I have trouble with glaze coverage--too thick? or too thin? Don't know why/how I get the leaded-glass effect.

I am doing most of my work here which is much easier for me than packing up my gear and taking it downtown then having to pack up to bring it all back home. So I go for the lessons and to see what everyone is doing. I chat some to learn what I can from my classmates. Then work it out here at my own pace. A great luxury to be able to do that! I prefer working alone though I miss a lot by not being more involved with the class.

We are still in the process of settling in here in the house. We get one space nicely ordered, just right. Then in the process of setting up the next space we clutter up the just-before-settled space! Frustrating! There is progress--but I long for the day we feel that we are really 'at home'.


Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Gay! It looks like it's too thick, though the leaded-glass effect is kinda cool! I posted photos recently of a workshop with majolica master Linda Arbuckle. Check it out! That was a great class and I learned so much. Have fun with your class!

Ron said...

Hi Gay, good to see some new posts(and pots). I know you're busy. I keep meaning to send you an email, maybe I'll get to it soon. Hope all is well.

chaetoons said...

Gay !!!
What do you mean you haven't produced much to be excited about?
The plate and bowl above are absolutely lovely!

doug fitch said...

They are very lovely Gay, that stained glass effect is very interesting. Hope you're well, great to hear from you. The footring post's interesting too, very fine platters.