Monday, June 30, 2008

good newses

Ron had a great sale last weekend. Doug had a great sale last weekend. Wow. So much for the bad economy. Isn't is great that good work is recognized, appreciated and supported in good times and bad.
On the home front there is good news here too. Jim got my glaze booth installed this week. I can't wait to use it. It is in a small room (closet really) with an exhaust fan to the outside. Now if I can get my air compressor to work I'll be in great shape!
And, equally important, Jim has the small air conditioner for the studio in his car to carry to the repair shop tomorrow. It was in my studio before we moved. In the move, a coil was broken and all the coolant leaked out. It has been intolerably hot in the studio the past couple weeks--in the 100s--so that even in the mornings it is too hot to work out there. I had a repairman come to fix the A/C a few weeks back but the way our contractor installed the A/C it could not be removed by the repairman. Today the contractor came over and took it out so that Jim could take it in to be repaired.
I am taking a class at the Southwest School of Art and Craft this summer. It is a Majolica class. I am a bit ambivalent about this style of ceramics. We have dishes from Mexico in this style that we have collected over the last 28 years and greatly enjoy using. So maybe it is something I will enjoy making. We'll see!
Truth to tell, I've had some big adjustments to make this year. I have a whole new schedule which is not mine to dictate. I don't like talking about it since is sounds like complaining when what I am feeling is incredible gratitude that I am in a position to make these changes that I believe make such a huge difference in Kenny's life. At earlier times in my life I could not have done this without sacrificing other parts of my life that would have been hard to do. Now it is a joy to be available to him for this time. At earlier times, Kenny was experiencing such incredible independence that had I taken on 'caring' for him it would have inhibited what he was able to do for himself. He was doing things that no one could imagine he could do. He has lived a very full life in spite of his limitations. I should start a blog just about Kenny--more appropriate that inserting it here. But then, we are sharing the studio--he is very much apart of my ceramic adventures!


Anonymous said...

Nice to hear your voice, and glad all is well -- maybe I'll see you when you are at the art school!
Cathy Brillson

Sister Creek Potter said...

Nice to hear from you Cathy! Yes, big changes and all is well! I am taking a class this semester but it is at night--Majolica with Denise Martin. Great being in the mix of things again. Gay