Monday, June 02, 2008

shaping up

Things are beginning to shape-up here. I made a small square baking dish following Ron's instructions--looks good to me.

But most things look good while still green!

I am about to make up a bunch of glazes in test batches so I've made up about 3 dozen test tiles--so irritating not to have test tiles ready when you need them! I rolled out some slabs to cut out numerals for our house numbers--they are still green, too.

But the most fun was making "Father's Day" gifts with 2 of my youngest grandchildren. It was their mom's idea--make plaques with the little ones hand prints stamped in the wet clay. Reed is about 3 and a half and baby Jack (the leap-year-day baby) is 3 months old. We had lots of fun. But it was surprising that no matter how are we pressed the little hands into the clay we could not get a good heel-of-the-hand print--the fingers came out great but you can barely see the end of the palm.

Of course, Reed loved the whole adventure--Jack was patient at first, but quickly lost enthusiasm!


Ron said...

Well done Gay. I am bisquing the first of those squared pots. I hope they don't all crack!

chaetoons said...

That's a COOL square baking dish Gay !!!
Sweet !!!

doug fitch said...

A very fine dish. Lovely idea that Father's Day plaque.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Well, daer friends, you have no idea how grateful I am for your 'comments'! Thank you so very much.
The bisque fire is going now--hope those precious handpprint plaques don't blow up! We are pushing it to get them glaze fired before Father's Day.
Kenny has been wondering and wondering where the Father's Day celebration will be held. Since nothing has come up--he proposed today at we host it here. I pointed out that Jim would be out of town. But Kenny said that was no problem we could have his dad and his brothers here to celebrate. Jim was not so enamored of the idea! He is a real sweetheart! They are both real sweethearts!