Thursday, June 19, 2008

kiln update

Tony, our most knowledgeable kiln repairman, came to our house today to check out my kiln (bless him!) He checked the kiln from tip to toe. It is a relatively new kiln and it checked out very well. The only 'possible' trouble maker that Tony could find seems to fall into my lap--you remember that I bragged a bit about changing out the elements on the kiln. Well, Tony thought that perhaps we had not crimped the connectors tight enough thereby creating resistance that caused the tripping of the breaker. Since I really don't understand electricity, electric current and such I may be misrepresenting what Tony said! Right now I am running a test firing--empty kiln. If it completes the cycle, tomorrow I will reload the pieces that did not get fired earlier. I will report back in later. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Later update: The kiln just completed a test firing successfully! Yeah, tomorrow I will re-load the kiln with the un-fired ware and hope it gets fired this time!

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