Tuesday, September 16, 2008

carrying on

I have been working in the studio--although not producing much. I don't know why the out-put is so low, but that is the way it is.
I finally completed a glaze firing over the weekend. There is not much from that firing that I am too excited about.
Since the firing took place during the visit of IKE to Texas coast, I have named this bowl "Eye of the storm".

We are only 200 miles west of Houston but we did not get a drop of rain or a whiff of wind! David Hendley, about 300 miles north of Houston, is still without power and had huge oak trees up-rooted and tossed about in his yard! We have a friend in Syracuse New York who told of the terrible rain and wind storm they had when Ike arrived there as a tropical storm.

I am very happy with the house numbers and plaque that came out of that group.

This is not a good shot--bad angle and it does not show the texture on the plaque and mottled effect of the glaze on the numerals. You see that a bit better if you click on the photo to enlarge the view.

And I am fond of these 'serving' sushi plates (about 9" aquare) though I am having trouble being happy with the glaze. It is a combination I have layered many times in the past but this time I reversed the order of the layering and it made a BIG difference.

Below is "Kenny's bowl" that used the same glazes but in reverse order of layering--here light on top of dark glaze. On the shushi plates if is dark on top of light. The colors are true in both photos!


chaetoons said...

Mornin' Gay
The cockatiel bird is sitting on my shoulder schreeching so if my thoughts are a bit muddled, it's due to the bird!
Love your sushi plates. Simple but elegant. And the form is great. Again, simple and elegant.
In other words just right.
Haven't posted anything to the blog recently. Don't give up on me tho. Will figure out how to create in this house eventually.

chaetoons said...

Ah! Gay
Posted this over on Gallimaufry but worried that you wouldn't see it so here it is again.
Gay !!!
Don't give up on your blog. I know exactly how you feel about that. The anxiety of the "community" and not keeping up!
I don't know how to correct answers to blogs either. Drives me nuts.
Got everything moved over here by Aug. 19th but then there was the cleaning of the other place, etc. This house just isn't "me". Too modern. Too sterile. Am having trouble making the emotional adjustment. Also, managed to drop a crate on the skin graft during the move and this has been giving me a lot of static.
Have been afraid to post lately as every time i do it sounds like i'm "complaining" and negative (which i am) but hate to sound that-a-way !!!
The lavender bowl sort-a came out but not worth posting a pix of it yet. Will have to refire at lower temps with more/different colors. (That was the elect. kiln.)
The gas kiln only reached temps of 1900F so am bummed out about that.
The only "positive" in this whole mess (and i think it was YOU who told me!) -- i found that creative pots could come off the wheel here.
BUT am in a quandry of: why throw the pots if they can't be fired properly?
Maybe all this frustration is God's way of suggesting that i change course?

doug fitch said...

Hi Gay
Just dropping by to say hello and check you're ok.
Love from England