Tuesday, November 04, 2008

my country

I just have to tell you how proud I am of my country today!
I have great hopes for US again.


Anonymous said...

Woo-ho! We did it! I lurk on several pottery sites, but I'm so excited I can't shut up, or sleep, and as I cruise the mud people, I find excitement and joy in the support of our new president. Life is getting better. Thanks.

tsbroome said...

My thoughts exactly last night. I am so proud that the American people finally woke up!! OBAMANOS!

Ron said...

Yea!!! Me too, very proud.

Judy Shreve said...

It was all that Obamaware that convinced everyone to vote for Obama!
Really what a welcome change! I wish we didn't have to wait until Jan 20th.

chaetoons said...

Haven't heard from you in quite a while Gay.
Are you, Kenny and your husband all ok ???
Thinking of you strongly for the past several days . . . .

chaetoons said...

It is very, very hard Gay when you expect to see results and they don't immediately occur especially after so many years of hope and prayers and disappointments. My heart is with you.
My email address is posted in the comments under the first decal post and anytime you want to get ahold of me just give me a shout. I have this wonderful telephone service where i can call free on weekends so we could talk that way until we meet in person for that cup of "something" and a long sit-down chat.
I know what you mean about starting a clay project and wanting to complete it without interruption. When creating, i'm in a whole different space -- in harmony and union with the clay and if interrupted and i try later to return to it, the spirit is different, the union is broken and the piece turns out quite differently - if at all.
Hoping Christmas brings you joy and of course, peace and all the other good things Christmas is spozed to bring.