Friday, October 31, 2008


Randy's workshop was so inspiring. And probably being away from the studio this past month has also stirred up some fire. So with great enthusiasm I got into the studio on Tuesday to get my hands back into clay. The night before, Jim had commented that we need a/some platter/s for serving as we don't have any to use with the plates I've made and that we enjoy using. So that was my mission--make some platters to see if I could get one that I would be pleased with. Well, too bad. I had much trouble trying to get a plate big enough to be a platter! And of course it will shrink lots before it gets to the table--if it makes it through the rest of the process. I threw three pieces. One I tried altering into an elipse shape by cutting out a section in the middle and pushing the sides in. It does not look promising but is still on its way...
Well, the end of the story is how discouraging the whole process was/is. I've trimmed them and they are drying, slowly, under wraps but I have very low expectations--but high demands! Such is the life of this potter. I should have started my venture back into the studio by throwing 500 rice bowls--that might have warmed me up enough to tackle platters with more success.


Judy Shreve said...

Gay don't be discouraged! I can relate to being fired -up from listening to a workshop presenter & then going home & not being able to create what's in my head. . . but after that initial frustration, if I just keep working usually something good finally happens. The trick is to just keep working.
I know you have obligations now that keep you from your studio - use your journal to record your ideas until you can get back to the studio.
Hope Kenny continues to improve!

doug fitch said...

Ha ha, that's always the mistake I make too - straight in at the deep end instead of warming up - every time!

Here's a useful way to make big platters that may be helpful to you

Sister Creek Potter said...

Judy, thanks for the encouraging words. I did go back out and make 8 (not 500) bowls--a bit more successful! Kenny is doing well so I think we will both be in the studio next week--if I'm not glued to the TV watching the minute-by-minute predictions and then reports!

Doug, I did look at the page on Hannah's site that shows the wonderful platter she made following your suggestions. Lovely, and I will try my hand at that next week. It looks like it might be more manageagle--but isn't her platter handsome!! Thanks for the lead.

chaetoons said...

Mornin' Gay
Can feel your frustration about the platters. But stick with it. They will improve.
This is the advice i give myself when i try to throw larger items and have to recycle the clay from the mistakes !!!