Friday, October 10, 2008


I'm hanging up the "closed" sign on the pottery door--and on this blog--for a while. Kenny is expecting to have surgery next Wednesday. And I am expecting to be very occupied with him and his care for the next month or so. I will put up the "open" sign when we are both back in the studio doing what we love to do! Thanks for your friendship and support!


tsbroome said...

Best wishes............

Ann said...

Hi Gay- I added some pictures to my blog and remembered that you said you checked my blog from time to time, so decided to look at yours again before I wrote you. So I see you have some busy times ahead. I hope things work out well for your son, and that he has a good recovery. And that you don't get too worn out!
Ann Brink in Lompoc CA

doug fitch said...

Hi Gay
All best wishes for a speedy return, I hope all goes well with Kenny, look after yourself too, I'll keep checking back and I'll be thinking of you while you're away.

potterboy said...

Yes - best wishes to you all and a speedy recovery and return.

chaetoons said...

Have been thinking of you. Hoping Kenny's surgery has gone well and that he (and you!) are on the mend.
My heart's with you.

chaetoons said...

Please give us an update on how you are. We are thinking (and worrying) about you!

Sister Creek Potter said...

Yes, Kenny is well and working hard on his recovery. Thanks for standing by us! Gay