Saturday, October 25, 2008


Kenny's surgery went well. He was pleased--and surprised--to come out of it alive! He really expected that he would not 'wake up' after the surgery. He has asked several times if I have told 'so-and-so' that he came out OK. But he has experienced a serious set-back--from the anesthetic, I understand. On the thrid day he could not take even one step forward even with assistance. He could not feed himself. But he is at a rehabilitation hospital and receiving 4 sessions of therapy each day. On Thursday--8 days after surgery--he walked about 150 feet with his walker taking only one rest stop in the middle. That is a huge improvement. He is feeding himself now. I think he will be in the rehabilation hospital for another week. I am optimistic that he will be back to 'normal' by then. He looks forward to being 'normal' so he can help me when I need it!

This weekend I am in the lap of luxury. I am in Houston attending Randy Johnston's workshop here and staying in the lovely home of my friend Toni. I was planning to stay at a hotel--had made my reservations--when Toni learned of my trip and invited me to stay with her instead. Her home is so lovely and I am so fond of her and we so seldom have a chance to visit face-to-face that I could not resist the temptation to accept her hospitality. What a treat it is!

And I am really enjoying the workshop with Randy. Today he took us through a pictorial tour of the lineage of his and Warren MacKenzie's work. Randy was a student of Warren's in the 1960's. They live near one another and maintain a close relationship. I really enjoyed hearing the history of the Mengei movement and how it has come down to us. Tomorrow, before returning home, I plan to sneak in one more visit to the exhibit of Warren MacKenzie's work (and Randy Johnston's along with other of Warren's students) before driving back to San Antonio.


Michael Kline said...

GOOD Nws. I'm glad Kenny is doing well. Have a good workshop.

doug fitch said...

Gay it's lovely to hear from you and great that Kenny's on the mend. It's so good to hear you sounding re-energised. Every best wish from England, Doug

Judy Shreve said...

What good news. I'm sure you are so thankful for his surgical success. I wish you both the best as he recovers!
Randy Johnston! I'm envious.

Sister Creek Potter said...

Your support means a lot to me. Thanks for the kind thoughts! Gay

Patricia Griffin said...

Hi Gay - So glad to read that Kenny is doing better! Also looking forward to hearing more about the great workshop!

chaetoons said...

Whew !!! Gay, it is so good to hear from you. When there was no furthering word, i worried more than when you'd announced the news.
Am tremendously glad that Kenny came through the operation and is on the mend.
Am equally as glad that you are taking this time to nurture your spirit with the Randy Johnston workshop and visit with your friend, Toni.
Heaps of Hugs and Love

Lee Love said...

Get well quickly Kenny!

I'd be curious to hear Randy's description of Mingei. The view in America is so different compared to how it is viewed in Japan. Primarily, we know mingei through Leach's writing and translations.

One comparison we usually miss is the earlier work done by Okakura Tenshin. He preceded Yanagi and worked to preserve the Asian fine arts from the onslaught of Western culture during the Meiji Era. Folks that aren't familiar with Okakura, he wrote The Book of Tea and was the Asian curator for the Boston Museum. Because he lived in Massachusetts, he had a better understanding of the West. Fenollosa and Tagore were friends of his and he had an influence on Martin Heidegger and Ezra Pound too.

You can read a synopsis here about him (He is known as Okakura Kazuo in the West):