Thursday, February 28, 2008


My son Ben has an interesting post today on his blog, "I claim this as a pot". I think you will enjoy it.

life with Kenny

What a great greeting to start the day, Ron, thanks! (see Ron's comment to last post) I really miss being active in the pottery-blog exchange and hate the thought of people going to my blog and finding no activity--perhaps it will change soon. Ron is such a conscientious blogger, I'm seldom disappointed when I check into his blog. Ron's current exploration of new clay, glaze, slip and firing temperature is very inspiring. It is hard for an artist who has achieved success to venture out into new realms--I think it great (and healthy) that he is doing that.

I've thought of changing from a pottery blog to "Life with Kenny" since that is the defining activity of my life right now. Not that he is demanding, but it is an adjustment having someone to look after a bit and prepare meals for and such. But more to the point, living with Kenny again after 25 or so years is an incredible experience. Of course, I've stayed in touch with him all these years but I have not been close enough to know what living his life is like. He is amazing. Everything he does, must do, is a challenge, is very hard to do physically. Yet, he does it. He has an incredible drive to be independent in spite of his dependence. And never complains. An amazing person. (See comment section February 11 for a little of Kenny's background.) I could write a whole book about him! But I won't!

Today is dedicated to putting the studio in order. We have basic order in the house--though there are still boxes to unpack but they don't dominate the scene. I hope to stay in the studio all day and to have basic order there by the end of the day. It will be a landmark day when I turn the wheel back on and slap a chunk of clay down on it and pull something up!

I belong to a small group of potters here who meet once a month to share/compare experiences around Cone 6 glazes and firings. We meet tonight and I look forward to going--I have missed the last 3 meetings--maybe 4.

So, all and all, it seems that I am getting close to getting back on track! Seems it has been a long detour. I remember when the windows went into the studio and I was excited about my new studio home--that seems a very long time ago. I had no idea then how far away that new studio really was.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

routine vs spontaneity

Today, as I was helping Kenny up the ramp to the (soon-to-be) studio, I experienced a wave of 'well-being'. It is the first such experience I've had in quite a while. Earlier in the day I had been thinking that I am going to have to very disciplined in my daily schedule if I am going to get to have much time in the studio--there is going to be a lot of housekeeping and caretaking required around here. But it seems to me that discipline (routine) is deadening. It seems that those sparks of well-being come when I step out of the familiar. How can I maintain a routine and still allow or promote some spontaneity in my days? These days are very irregular--being still in the setting-up-of-the-household stage. Perhaps I am moving from being overwhelmed by the move to fear of losing my self in my responsibilities. Looks like I am getting addicted to worrying and feeling overwhelmed. Gotta do something about that!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

on the other hand

"Future shock [is] the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time." - Alvin Toffler

Monday, February 11, 2008

finding my way

I've read that a powerful personal development tool is to give up/change habitual patterns. (I first encountered that idea when reading the work of an Italian psychologist and then found it again recently in "The Not So Big Life.") The goal is to keep oneself more alert, more alive in the present moment. Well, let me tell you I am in the midst of one heck of a big change--and I am sure counting on it to pay off! It is not the amount of work that has to be done--it is the trying to figure it all out that is killing me--or waking me up! I had imagined putting things into boxes (big job), moving them to the new home, and taking things out of boxes and putting them into their place. What I did not realize is that NOTHING has a place until I figure it out. Nothing here corresponds to what we had before. I remember when we moved into our new home in 1979 being amazed at all the storage space we had--especially in the kitchen. I thought I'd never need all that space. Well, of course, I filled it all up and then some. Now here in 2008 there is not nearly enough space and I am stymied trying to figure out where to put each thing. I'm dreaming of a huge garage sale in the near future--though I hate putting my belongings out for public review.

Kenny arrived with all his boxes last Tuesday. By Thursday he had unpacked and put into place everything he brought with him. I was impressed! And once he was settled in I've felt more inspired to get myself settled in also. Jim and I got some planning done over the weekend while he was home (recovered mostly from his bout with the flu) and that seems to have opened things a bit for me to move forward. The contractor is trying to finish up the 'details'--though his list of things still to do looks a lot more significant to me than 'details'. The longer he takes finishing up, the more we find for him to do extra!

I am so eager to set up the studio and get some clay on the wheel. I am not there yet--but getting closer every day! Our guild is having its annual juried exhibition this month--I probably won't even get to the opening. But soon...