Monday, June 26, 2006

A real pain...

Saturday morning, early, I trimmed two colanders, when I stood up I had a strong pain in my lower back—just like I had a couple months ago. Curious, I thought. As the day went on, the pain got worse—mostly just standing up and bending over.
I could hardly do anything. I spent the day sitting very upright all morning with a heating pad at my back—but not getting much relief. Certainly could not do anything in the studio. I had intended to load the kiln for a bisque firing.

Well, today, Monday, my back is still very sore—hurts to get up from a sitting position or bend over (like to make the bed, or even to flush the toilet!) But, none-the-less I did load the kiln--and without much discomfort. It took many slow trips to the carport with small loads of pieces to be bisqued. I had a really full load—and loaded the bottom very densely. Of course, the top was not quite as full!! Never can judge well! But the top had a bunch (7?) bottles which are heavy so maybe it is pretty well balanced.

I was surprised by several pieces with cracks in the bottom—not exactly ‘s’ cracks, but close. I smashed 2 bottles and a nice large salad bowl because of the cracks—will recycle that clay. I am having a lot more of that happen than before I began using Bee 5 Mix. I will get some Dillo and some Cinco Blanco and test those—for porosity and absorption—as well as watch for cracks.

Taaffe gave me some more pickle buckets—now have 5, I think. So I am thinking in terms of making up some ‘big’ batches of glaze—and becoming less dependent on spray glazing. There will still be pieces that I have to or want to spray—but if I can dip that will be better, easier. I am trying to determine my ‘palette’ so I know which glazes to make a lot of and which to make smaller batches of. Having a limited palette makes for a more attractive display, I think. The various pieces fit together better without having to match. But this is approaching the artistic end of ceramics and that is where I am less secure.

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