Sunday, June 18, 2006

The west porch...

My studio is located on a porch on the west side of our home. It is 32 feet long and 7 feet wide. Many years ago my husband, Jim, closed the porch in by inserting vinyl covered wood frames between the roof supports to make a green house for wintering pot plants. But my interest in nursing plants through the winter long ago withered and vinyl panels were stored away. When I got my wheel in November of 2003 we put the panels back up, enclosing the porch, creating my studio. Since that time I have filled the space with shelves of equipment and supplies. Last summer Jim installed an air-conditioner into one of the vinyl panels to make the space workable during the summer--we have already had several days at or over 100 degrees this year!

The north end of the studio houses my wheel and throwing paraphanalia.

The interior wall has my work table and shelves holding my glazes and pots ready to be glazed. I don't have a water drain system YET so I carry used water outside in the orange bucket.
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The west wall has storage for my glaze materials, clays and miscellaneous supplies. At the far end of the studio I have display shelves that house my "work well done".

Today I was in the studio making bottles when Jim came out to let me know he was going to the gym to work out. A little later, when I had finished my bottles and begun to clean up, I realized I needed to go inside the house for a "potty break". That's when I discovered that as Jim had walked back into the house he had unconsciously locked the door to the studio behind him. I was locked in the studio--no way into the house or out of the studio. I was in a real pickle! The studio has no outside door--only 3 sets of French doors leading into the house. We use only the door that Jim had locked as he left, the other two are draped and have furniture in front of them. I did discover that the door into a bedroom was unlocked though obstructed by a lamp and beds inside and storage boxes and such in the studio. I got the storage out of the way and with some fancy wiggling I was able to squeeze in between the lamp and the bed--to my great relief.

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