Sunday, October 15, 2006

it did rain

but not too much and many came out in spite of the bleak day to participate in the craft and music festival at North Park Presbyterian Church yesterday. I am so grateful to my dear friends and family who did come to see my wares and support my project! I also very much enjoyed having Catherine (Cat) Bani-Yassin in the space next to me and Toni Cheshire next to Cat—both members of the San Antonio Potters Guild. We had wonderful, intermittent chats through the day that made it very special—and shorter!

Setting up outside is much more challenging than inside. In the first place, I could not put up my canopy (the David Gordon kindly gave me) by myself. Even with Jim we appreciated the help of fellow exhibitors. And my shelves that we bought last year and which worked so well inside are very unstable outside on the soft grassy turf. I was amazed watching how independent Cat is and how well she has arranged her display so that she can be independent.

I am really exhausted today. It feels like I've been running a marathon for the past month trying to get to yesterday! And once I clean the studio and unpack everything I brought home from the craft fair, I will begin another marathon to get to Clay Ole—the San Antonio Potters Guild ceramic sale—December 9! The challenge was not just fabricating an inventory but overcoming (I hope) the several serious problems I was having with my clay/glaze fit. Hopefully, the next race will be a smoother run!

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