Sunday, October 22, 2006


Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Well, I am beginning to wonder about my passion for clay! It seems that I spend more time being discouraged than enthused. I’m pretty discouraged right now. Partly because of fatigue—it was a very busy couple of weeks leading up to the festival and a very busy weekend—even Monday was a full day. I rested all day Tuesday and somewhat today. Finally, I have begun to try to put the studio back into order—but only just begun. It was a mess. When we took the shelves out we exposed a lot of dried mud from earlier rains and floods. So today I washed that down—and the huge glaze spill I made during my mad rush to get ware ready for the festival. And I set out a LOT of bowls to take over to GoodWill. I’d like to have nothing to apologize for in the studio or in the kitchen!

Sunday, October 22, 2006
Still working on getting the studio and the sewing room—the access to the studio—in to some kind of order. When the studio over-flows with work, it overflows in to the sewing room. So for the last couple of days I’ve tried to reorganize the studio and the sewing room. The studio is in pretty good shape but the sewing room still has the dregs of things I don’t know what to do with from the studio. Yesterday I threw 3 large bowls hoping to come up with some adequate for the ‘donor bowls’ for thank-yous for Empty Bowls. Have 3 nice bowls potentially!

Today I trimmed those bowls—looking good. And then I threw 8 small rice bowls off the hump to be test bowls for the Cinco Blanco clay I am using now.

Thursday evening Jim and I went to the opening of a show of Paul Northway's work at the library. It was nice work, we bought a piece, and very interesting process. Paul said he fired some of the pieces 5 or 6 times at different temperatures! Well that is a lesson for me! So today I took one of the pieces that I fired in the last days before the North Park Festival on October 14 that I was not happy with and I painted flowers over the existing finish using Amaco’s Majolica glaze--a cone 04 glaze. I will fire it with my next bisque firing.

If it comes out well I'll repeat the process on 3 other pieces that were glazed similarly to this one.

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