Friday, October 06, 2006

Pumpkin Faces, Booooo!

Today Lauren and Conrad came over and carved two 'leather hard' clay pumpkins. They did a great job and now we are all anxious to get them fired and glazed! Boooo!

I am feeling incredible pressure to try to get work ready for the festival next weekend. The one good firing has encouraged me--but what if the next couple of firings are not successful? I calculate that I can do 3 more firings--time-wise--before the festival. I got the kiln loaded and fired this evening--something I doubted I could get done earlier in the evening. But I really need to do another bisque firing and another glaze firing before Friday--and that requires a very tight schedule to pull it off.

I am still so confounded by the 'art' part of ceramics. I feel so comfortable throwing the pieces but so lost when I have to 'decorate' them. Wonder if I'll ever be able to move beyone that point.

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