Saturday, January 06, 2007

hands in clay

It's a new year! And I'm home alone--Jim is in New York for 3 weeks--so have lots of time to work in the studio. So why haven't I? It seems like I am testing out just how free I am--can I really get by with doing NOTHING? It takes a real push to just take care of myself--I am even exploring the frozen-dinner-food section at the grocery.
But I have done a little work in the studio. I keep reminding myself that that is what I WANT to do! So far I've used about one and a half 25# bags of my new Blackjack clay. I am about ready to load it into the kiln for a bisque firing. Then I'll test out some of the glazes on the new clay. I want to especially test out base glazes to find one that I can trust to work well to add colorants to later.

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