Thursday, January 18, 2007

my new class

First class of the new semester/year. It was wonderful, like being back home. I knew everyone in the class—a nice feeling, being on the inside and not looking in from the outside. It took me back in memory to my first class at the Southwest School of Art and Craft four years ago. I knew no one and nothing about clay. A lot of clay has passed through these hands since that first class! A whole new life!

This should be a good class for me. It will focus on the details of the additions to the pot: feet, lids, handles, form and overall balance. Aimed at helping us find our own distinct look. Hope I don’t feel overwhelmed—most of these nice friends are also very good potters! In fact, two of my classmates teach other classes there!

Herb and I ordered some ‘crocus martis’ to see if it helps us get a ‘red’ glaze at cone 6. It arrived this week and I delivered him his ‘share’ yesterday. Now we are busy mixing up glazes in which to test the crocus martis and other glazes to compare the results to. We are also comparing effects of our two different electric kilns and of different clays! Lots of experimenting. And it means that I need to get busy mixing up glazes tomorrow.

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